Coppermills Potable Water Supply


Project: Coppermills potable water supply

Scope: Survey live potable water supply mains

Location: Coppermills water treatment works

In June 2013, we were commissioned by Thames Water/Optimise to survey various sections of 2m diameter potable water pipes, with a maximum excursion range of 2.7km.

Our remit was to access live pressurised pipes via 20m deep shafts to carry out a CCTV inspection and measure the cross section of the pipes with our unique profiling sonar; there could be no-disruption to pumping schedules, nor pollution/silt disturbance of the potable water.

We designed and built a Pipe Inspection Vehicle (PIV) that would function effectively in flow rates up to 1 metre per second, a launch-cage that would enable the PIV to descend the shaft vertically and revert to horizontal at the mouth of the pipe; at the same time providing a roller for the PIV control cable to pass around the edge formed between the wall of the shaft and the crown of the pipe and a PIV launch-pod that would facilitate access into the live pipes that were operating at a pressure of circa 6 bars.

Testimonial: After a few teething difficulties with launch and recovery were overcome, The Water Services Group went on to produce excellent survey reports that allowed our Client to fully understand the condition of their pipes.

This was a pioneering project with many obstacles to overcome before Thames Water would even contemplate the use of a remote vehicle within their pipes.

The Water Services Group delivered everything promised under challenging site conditions, with great attention to site pro-tocol and safety; their team on site were faultless.

Paul MacCathy – Project manager – Barhale