Coolant Pipe Repairs India


Project: Coolant pipe repairs in India

Scope: To survey cooling pipes and provide a permanent joint repair

Location: GMR Energy, Mangalore, Southern India

Following a PIV pipe survey completed earlier in the year which highlighted severe joint dislocation, we returned to GMR Energy Ltd in May to design, build and install internal joint seals for the 85” diameter concrete cooling pipes that supported a unique 220MW barge-mounted power plant.

The multi-function seals were designed to both prevent further sand ingress and to provide joint stabilisation to eliminate further dislocation and subsequent pipe movement.

Earlier during a storm, a ship had run aground damaging sections of the pipe and a large volume of sand was being inducted into the heat exchanger impellers which was causing excessive wear and the plant to overheat.

We deployed two five-man dive teams, supported by a PIV inspection team to maintain a 24hr repair program,
The teams worked jointly from a barge and from within a specially constructed breakwater built to shelter the work site from the heavier seas; the breakwater was a feat of local engineering by GMR.

GMR Energy were facing imminent fines and with the monsoon season fast approaching, which would render the diving operation unsafe, we were coming under increasing pressure to complete the repairs on time.

Within 8-hours of their enforced generating deadline, we successfully completed all the repairs and the cooling pipes were signed-off and back under the control of GMR.

Testimonial: An international search led us to Tunnel Vision who were the only company who could inspect our cooling pipe that were drawing sand. Their pipe inspection robot highlighted the extent of our problem and they promptly proposed a repair method to prevent further sand ingress from displaced joints and a method to stabilise badly displaced joints with new technology. Within a matter of weeks they had two dive teams in Mangalore busily repairing our pipes. Their customer support and skills were second to none and their prompt assistance provided a timely resolution to impending contractual challenges with our client.

Ramesh Pai, Plant Manager