Tidal Basin Syphon Mapping


Project: Tidal Basin Syphon Mapping

Scope: Sonar survey and XYZ axis mapping of syphon

Location: London Docklands Tidal Basin

In June 2016, we were commissioned by Thames Water through our partnering company Infotec to track and map map the course of  a 1.56m diameter storm overflow pipe and to establish the presence of a collapse or a blockage that would account for water backing-up under heavy flow conditions.

The mouth of the pipe; at the same time providing a roller for the PIV control cable to pass around the edge formed between the wall of the shaft and the crown of the pipe and a PIV launch-pod that would facilitate access into the live pipes that were operating at a pressure of circa 6 bars.

Testimonial: After a few teething difficulties with launch and recovery were overcome, The Water Services Group went on to produce excellent survey reports that allowed our Client to fully understand the condition of their pipes.

This was a pioneering project with many obstacles to overcome before Thames Water would even contemplate the use of a remote vehicle within their pipes.

The Water Services Group delivered everything promised under challenging site conditions, with great attention to site protocol and safety; their team on site were faultless.”

Paul MacCathy – Project manager – Barhale