New Farm Road Bypass Tunnel


Project: New Farm Road Bypass Tunnel

Scope: Removal of 170 cubic metres of silt and debris

Location: New Farm Road London

During the course of a routine bypass tunnel survey using a bespoke Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIV), fitted with our unique Profiling Sonar head we found that the 370m long, 1.6m diameter tunnel had an accumulative volume of silt & debris in excess of 170 m3.

Due to the length and location of the tunnel, Barhale were unable to find a contractor able to clean it so they approached us.

Our winched cleaning system which is designed to clean large diameter, long distance, water-filled & operational or dry tunnels was ideally suited to the project and we set about constructing a set of bespoke blades to suit the specific application.

We used the PIV to run a towline through the pipe and our divers installed a set of stop-logs both upstream and downstream of the section to be cleaned and de-watered the section prior to the cleaning operation.

With winching access at one end of the tunnel only, a return roller was set up at the upstream hatch and the winching operation commenced to the downstream hatch where the recovered silt & debris was subsequently removed by a vacuum tanker for safe disposal. Progress was monitored at intervals by a remote CCTV rig or by our long-traverse confined space man entry.

Testimonial: We contracted in WSG to survey and subsequently clean a 2m diameter water filled by-pass tunnel where difficult access, pipe length and diameter prevented traditional cleaning methods from being deployed. The project was successful and carried out to a high standard of workmanship. We continue to work with WSG on a number of projects and would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Paul McCarthy, Project Manager, Barhale Construction Plc.