Underwater Construction Services

Historically, many of our underwater Construction services that we have undertaken are the ones that other companies either appear to have no interest in or are unable to carry out.

Being a leading underwater engineering company, our pioneering approach has resulted in the necessity to not only design and build Pipe Inspection Vehicles, but to design and build ancillary equipment, launch systems, pressurised pipe launch-pods, intake grills and access platforms etc where proprietary equipment was not available.

As project requirements dictate our underwater engineering services, we have built ‘live-pipe’ slip lining systems, blank flanges with cable access glands, pipe sealing and pipe isolation devices, GRP access platforms, bespoke ‘A’ frame lifting & lowering devices, removed 6-tonne steel shaft seals from an offshore barrier and replaced them with lightweight load bearing GRP covers.

Our underwater engineering services extend to underground and underwater construction operations which include: Sea outfall surveys, sea outfall stabilisation contractors, sea outfall repairs, lock gate repairs and lock gate maintenance, pipe isolation, bridge support maintenance, repair & stabilisation, tow path maintenance, pressurised pipe inspection and aqueduct repairs.