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Diving Services

We are an HSE registered diving contractor with an unblemished safety record.

With our diving services, we have safely carried out diving operations under some of the most arduous conditions on locations such as: Sewage treatment works – digester tanks – shafts – subterranean chambers – aqueducts – tunnels & power stations, to perform tasks such as: inspection & NDT – precision concreting for structural repairs – thermic lance cutting – welding – pipe & valve installation – lock gate replace/repair – air lifting for silt & debris removal – pipe slip-lining & decommissioning.

We currently run two dive teams with equipment reserve to run another two teams as requirements dictate and have work vessels ranging from 12’ to 26’ and have access to charter vessels up to 150’.

Confined Space

The first rule of confined space entry is that if manual entry can be avoided then it should be.

With this rule in mind, when a manned entry is unavoidable, with careful planning, state of the art equipment and highly trained operatives, the project will be completed safely and efficiently.

We have AP2 trained teams and 6150/03 trained teams for high-risk confined space operations.

For the past 15 years we have worked closely with Helios Safety and Rescue to ensure that we are kept abreast of current legislation and to refine safe working methodology on our more complex projects.

All of these protocols were implemented on a recent project for Clancy Docwra/Southern Water, when attempts to remotely survey a 700m x 2.5m sewerage gravity trunk main failed and operational conditions dictated that manned entry was required.

We safely implemented a methodology that resulted in teams of operatives traversing the main in inflatable kayaks, with live recoding CCTV rig and hard-wired boat to surface communications.