Decommissioning Services

Following a reservoir draw-off pipe survey of an ageing and critical asset, it was determined that the pipe had to be decommissioned by permanently filling it with concrete. De-watering the reservoir was not an option and a costly attempt to locally ‘dam’ the outlet had resulted in a catastrophic failure rendering access to the outlet structure in the reservoir impossible.

To make the decommissioning services more challenging, the site was under the close scrutiny of the SEA who placed a zero-water loss tolerance on the project.
Driven by our Client’s needs, we designed and built a decommissioning unique system that allowed us to fill around 100m of the pipe with circa 28m3 of structural grade micro-concrete from the downstream end of the pipe, with no-water loss.

Benefits of the decommissioning system Include:

  • Minimal environmental impact
  • No requirement for de-watering
  • No requirement for reservoir shut down
  • No requirement for costly piling
  • Controlled expansion ensures a perfect seal with a structural grade concrete