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“Folding Brush” Cleaning System

Following a PIV survey of a 370m long x 1.6m diameter raw water transfer pipe for Thames Water/Barhale our profiling sonar had revealed circa 175m3 of accumulated silt & debris.

Our Client was unable to source a proprietary method for removing the silt & debris, so we proposed a modification to our unique ‘folding-brush’ pipe cleaning system that would achieve the level of cleanliness required for an engineer to carry out a walk-through survey.

Our divers installed stop logs, de-watered the pipe and set-up an upstream & downstream winch and roller system. Silt & debris was recovered to the downstream access chamber which was subsequently removed by a vacuum tanker for disposal.

Progress was monitored at intervals by a remote CCTV rig or by our long-traverse confined space man-entry team. The project was completed on budget and on time.

The system is effective in large diameter and long distance pipes – effective in wet/dry and operational pipes – causes no-damage to old/delicate pipes – highly adaptable to suit varied applications.

We have successfully cleaned pipes and tunnels varying in diameter between 500mm – 2500mm over lengths of up to 1500m.