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Water Pipe Surveying, Lidar Mapping & Sonar Profiling

For our internal pipe surveys, sonar profiling and lidar mapping services, we work with our partnering company; Infotec, in what can only be described as ‘a match made in heaven, we jointly provide a ‘one stop shop’ for the definitive range of internal pipe surveys, mapping & monitoring services.

As an experienced pipe surveyor, we combine cutting edge and patented technology to provide multi-camera large sewer CCTV surveys, x,y,z axis 3D tracking, sonar profiling and lidar mapping for asset modelling (BIM) and monitoring.

Infotec are a multi-award winning utility mapping company who have pioneered x,y,z axis 3D gyroscopic mapping to precisely plot the route and depth of critical underground facilities; a vital service for the avoidance of construction related damage and unique Lidar mapping, water pipe surveys and sonar surveying system to produce a digital cloud based replica of any underground asset, with a precise re-measuring facility to enable even the smallest structural change to be measured and monitored.

We survey, test, track, map and monitor pipes, tunnels, aqueducts, adits and outfalls under almost any site conditions including: difficult access, partially surcharged and surcharged pipes, in both static and fast flowing water.