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All Terrain Access

During a pre-quotation site visit for G Stow in the Forest of Dean, our Land Rover sank up to its axles within minutes of leaving the main track.

At this point we decided that Total Client Support had to extend beyond providing the ultimate inspection system and needed to incorporate the ultimate vehicle for getting our equipment to any location.

We invested in the most versatile all-terrain extreme gradient fully amphibious vehicle that was capable of carrying out a wide range of services on some of the most difficult and inaccessible locations. With an extremely low ground pressure (less than2psi), the vehicle is ideally suited to environmentally sensitive sites and sites of scientific interest.

The vehicle is road legal and is used extensively on the following projects:

  • Pipeline inspection and testing
  • Remote diving and confined space operations
  • Outfall rehabilitation works
  • Beach and estuary works
  • River and flood plain works