Haweswater Aqueduct Surveys


Project: Haweswater Aqueduct Surveys

Scope: 21Km Remote Survey of potable water Supply Aqueducts

Location: Lower Lakes

We have been supporting UU on their aqueduct inspection programmes since AMP1, when we designed and built the first pipe Inspection Vehicle (PIV), with a 1km excursion range. We have since carried out tethered surveys up to 4.5km and autonomous surveys (APIV) up to 21km.

The APIV utilised multiple HD cameras and high-intensity LED lights, mounted on miniature pan & tilt heads, which in-turn were attached to robotic manipulator arms that deployed when the APIV was in the tunnel. The APIV was designed to be self-centring within the tunnel and had on-board multi-cam data storage, an independent power supply, remote control for lights, cameras, pan & tilt head control to ensure full circumferential viewing was achieved.

Recovery of the APIV from the downstream well chambers was complicated and a challenge on its own ; we had to lift concrete floor sections, thus rendering the area a demarcation zone, position an ‘A’ frame over the open wells and a utilise a recovery device to enable the APIV to be ‘hooked’ from water level. Confined space operatives working in subterranean overspill chambers would ‘catch’ the APIV and attach the recovery device to it before it was lifted 4m to the surface, where the recorded data would be downloaded to hard-drives for subsequent viewing.

Testimonial: The camera survey work which was carried out by WSG on the Haweswater Aqueduct was a fantastic achievement for United Utilities, as it enabled CCTV footage of the long distance tunnels (18km) to be analysed in great detail prior to the tunnel being taken out of service in the future for maintenance works. WSG delivered this highly complex survey with great professionalism and teamwork. The work itself needed to have the highest of safety and hygiene measures as it required working in constricted areas over live water in a tunnel environment. WSG worked closely with both internally UU Engineering, Operations and third party parties to deliver the survey on time and with-in budget. Thank you and well done to the team for implementing this great success.

Paul Anderton – Senior project manager – United Utilities