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The Water Services Group

Our company was formed in the early 80’s by Paul Hope-Darby. After quitting his career as a saturation diver and later as a project manager involved in the pioneering heavy oilfield construction projects in the North Sea, France, Africa and the Middle East, he began to explore the niche market of specialised internal pipe inspection and testing, using remotely controlled robotic vehicles.

The company is still headed up by Paul, who is supported by a multi-disciplined, forward thinking team with a talent for making seemingly impossible projects happen; the pioneering spirit remains, and the company continues to provide innovative solutions to Clients problems.

During AMP 1 the company set about designing, building and operating a unique Pipe Inspection Vehicle (PIV), capable of traversing distances in excess of 1km in live potable water aqueducts to meet the requirements of their first Client. We successfully surveyed around 30km of bulk water transfer tunnels running from the Thirlmere, Haweswater & Vyrnwy reservoirs to Preston and Manchester. WSSG were the first people to utilise unique profiling Sonar heads to measure pipe shape, deformation, damage, silt & debris levels in fully surcharged pipes and tunnels.

To this end, WSSG design, build and operate Autonomous PIV’s with an excursion range in excess of 27km. Once inside the pipes we survey, test, track, map and monitor pipes, tunnels, aqueducts, adits and outfalls under almost any site conditions including: difficult access, partially and fully surcharged pipes, in both static and fast flowing water. WSSG have surveyed live operational cooling pipes in flow rates exceeding 4 metres per second, surveyed pipes varying between 200mm to 6000mm diameter, carried out live insertion into pressurised potable water pipes, designed a unique system for re-lining live reservoir draw-off pipes with no water loss, designed, built and operated a pipe cleaning system for long distance, water filled pipes and have inspected cleaned and refurbished long sea outfalls, cooling pipes and culverts both remotely and as diving operations.

Having recently relocated to new premises just outside of London, WSSG have an operational hub with outstanding facilities including a fully equipped engineering shop and electronics laboratory.

This allows WSSG to be very reactive to the needs of our clients for bespoke built Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIV’s) and engineering solutions.

Since the early 80’s The Water Services Group have been at the forefront of technology to minimise and where possible eliminate the need for operatives to enter confined spaces or water filled structures.

However, there are times when this cannot be avoided and having been involved in both confined space operations and diving operations since the early 80’s we are in a prime position to offer these services in a safe and effective manner.

Our ethos of innovation and Total Client Support extends to underwater intervention, where we have designed bespoke pipe joint repair and stabilisation rings, systems for precision underwater concreting and lock gate anti-leak seals.

We provide a turnkey solution for all aspects of underwater inspection, construction, maintenance and rehabilitation.