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“Providing the expertise, equipment and technology to support the water industry in all aspects of underwater engineering, inspection and testing”

Our Underwater Engineering Services

The Water Services Group have been offering Underwater Engineering services since the early 80’s. Our underwater engineering company has been at the forefront of long-distance internal water pipe surveys, underwater pipe inspection services and testing and were the first engineering company to develop and operate a Water Pipe Inspection Vehicle.

As an experienced underwater engineering company, we design, build and operate bespoke pipe inspection vehicles to carry out remotely operated vehicle surveys (ROV) on a broad array of inspection and testing services from within pipes, where any other form of inspection or testing would be impossible to achieve.

With our Underwater Engineering services, we have inspected, tested, mapped, measured and surveyed underwater pipes, tunnels, aqueduct repairs, culverts, sewer pipes and long-sea outfall’s varying in diameter between 350mm – 6m, over distances in excess of 24km and in flow rates varying between static and 2.3 metres per second.

In September 2014, The Water Services Group designed and built the World’s first multi-camera pipe inspection vehicle to survey a 21km x 2.5m diameter water transfer tunnel accessed via 50-90m deep access shafts. This was to provide a full circumferential view of the pipe and to accurately measure deformation on profiling sonar.

This level of Client support from our underwater engineering services is only made possible by the combination of the talents of our forward thinking, multi-disciplined, dedicated team and excellent partnering companies that offer the range of services and the level of support that really makes a difference.

We are ISO 9001 accredited and have an unblemished safety record to ensure superior delivery of our services from sea outfall maintenance to aqueduct repairs

The Water Services Group have a wide range of experience ranging in a variety water pipe inspection services from large culvert surveys to aqueduct repair. There isn’t a job that our company will shy away from so if no one else will do it then we are the people to call.

We have passion and enthusiasm for solving client’s problems and we stand by our threat of ‘Total Client Support’.

Water Pipe Surveying

As tunnel / water pipe inspection contractors, our tunnel inspectors eliminate the need for manned entry, to access structures where manned entry would be impossible, to access structures where de-watering is not an option due to operational constraints or the risk of structural failure, we design, build and operate specialised tunnel inspection equipment to complete the job which is something other pipe inspection companies don’t do.

Inspection and Tunnel Inspection Services

The Water Services Group is one the leading water pipe inspection companies and has an experienced team of pipe inspectors and tunnel that survey and test any underwater or water filled structure including: pipes, tunnels, aqueduct maintenance, culverts, cooling pipes and long sea outfalls, from potable water to sewer surveys, in diameters varying between 50mm to 6m+ for distances in excess of 21km.

Our tunnel inspectors and water pipe inspectors can operate under almost any site conditions, in static, partially surcharged, surcharged and fast flowing water up to 2.5m/sec.

As one of the leading pipe inspection companies and tunnel inspectors, if we do not have a system to suit your requirements, we will design, build and operate one that does.

Our Tunnel and Pipe Tracking Services Include:

  • water towers
  • ozone tanks
  • reservoirs
  • shaft refurbishment
  • borehole maintenance
  • borehole inspection
  • tunnel inspection
  • aqueducts repairs
  • aqueduct maintenance
  • culverts
  • cooling pipe inspection
  • pipe inspectors
  • pipe inspection contractors
  • long sea out fall surveys
  • water pipe surveying

Water Pipe Inspection Vehicles (PIVs)

‘In-house innovation is key to producing the PIV’s we operate’

For our water pipe inspection service, we use pipe inspection vehicles that meet the performance requirements and increasingly technical demands made by Clients for; sewer pipe surveys, tunnel inspection, aqueduct maintenance and testing. Often under operational conditions, we continue to design, build and operate state of the art Internal Pipe Inspection Vehicle’s (PIV), utilising cutting-edge technology.

During AMP1, we designed and built the first internal pipe inspection vehicles with a 1km excursion range; we have since used tethered multi-camera systems for large diameter sewer surveys and large culvert surveys for Clients including The Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water, where the excursion range was up to 7.5km and we have used autonomous pipe inspection vehicles to survey potable water aqueducts for United Utilities, where the excursion range was in excess of 21km.

Our pipe and tunnel inspection services include:

  • Full circumferential CCTV inspection
  • Sewer Pipe Surveys and large sewer surveys
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Leak detection
  • Pipe
  • large culvert surveys
  • Large Sewer CCTV Surveys
  • tracking
  • Mapping
  • Internal Pipe Surveys and Internal Pipe Inspection
  • Water Pipe Inspection service
  • Tethered survey range up to 30km
  • Pipe inspection vehicles

Pressurised Pipe Inspection and Surveys

Pressurised pipe inspection helps minimise impact on pumping schedules and where possible to eliminate impact altogether, we have patented technology which enables PIV’s to be launched for live pressurised pipe surveys.

On a recent project for Thames Water/Optimise, we launched a PIV with CCTV and profiling sonar via a 20m deep shaft into a live potable water main operating at circa 8-bar. Due to operational constraints the PIV was launched vertically down the shaft, where it turned through 90deg at the base of the shaft to enter the tunnel to carry out a 2.7km survey.

A custom built PIV launch cage and combined cable roller assembly eliminated cable abrasion at the point where the vertical face of the shaft meets the crown of the tunnel.

For our pressurised pipe surveys, we launch PIV’s into pipes, tunnels, aqueducts, siphons and outfalls from underground chambers, header tanks, shafts, reservoirs, gate valves and custom built pressure chambers.

Long Distance Pipe Inspection

Since the early 80’s we have remained committed to providing Total Client Support for all aspects of long distance pipe inspection; as a direct result of this we have continually pushed the limits in terms of both technological advancement and the excursion ranges achievable.

In 2013 we embarked on a series of Fibre Optic control system for remotely operated vehicle survey (ROV) trials and by 2014, we were fully committed to and had invested heavily in Fibre Optic controls and cabling, converting the majority of our PIVs to operate over Fibre Optic.

As a result of this, towards the end of 2014 we surveyed a 21km bulk water transfer tunnel with the longest excursion range in static water being 7.5km.

In 2013 our autonomous excursion range was 21km.

Potential tethered excursion capability in excess of 20km

Potential autonomous excursion capability in excess of 40km

‘Allow us to provide a solution to your long distance pipe inspection & testing problem’

Non-Destructive Testing

Having spent many years overcoming the challenges of undertaking non-destructive testing projects and getting Pipe Inspection Vehicles into pipes and traversing considerable distances, it was a natural progression to be able to offer a broader range of services that would enable Clients to better assess the structural condition of their assets.

For a number of years we have been mounting specialised non-destructive testing probes on to PIV’s to carry out wall thickness testing on cast iron, steel and HDPE pipes from the inside of pipes and our dive teams have carried out external pipe testing using the same technology with the addition of flux leakage technology on the outside of pipes to assess the condition of cast pipes, with a good level of success.

Our recent conversion to Fibre Optic cabling has enabled us to significantly expanded on the range of non-destructive testing services for concrete pipes that now include depth of concrete cover over re-bar, level of re-bar deterioration, concrete integrity and concrete hardness testing to EN 12504-Q and EN 31791 standard.

We now utilise higher frequency thickness gauges that determine pipe wall condition as well as pipe wall thickness.